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Chevrolet Matiz
Small size and best price!!

The Cheverolet Matiz is operated by a  800 cc engine, and is a 4door car! It is very suitable for 4 adults (or for   2 adults + 3 children). That's the economy solution and covers the A Group (without air-conditioning), and A1 Group(with air-conditioning).
                                    3 days                    7days            Added day
Low Season:                 
126                      246                    30
High Season:                  138                      258                    32

Hyundai Atos

The small power!

The Hyundai Atos a/c, is probably the best seller in small car rentals! With an engine of 1000 cc, 4 (+1) doors, central locking, electric windows and air conditioning, is the perfect solution in small cars. Suitable for 4-5 persons is the King of Group B!   
                                    3 days                    7 days            Added day
Low Season                   138                        270                   35 
High Season                   150                        280                   37        

FIAT Seicento
Compact and Open!

The Fiat Seicento, is a powerful 3 (2+1) door car with a 1108 cc engine. By pressing a button, you can have an open top  car. Perfect for sun lovers, suitable for 4 adults (or for 2 adults +3 children). No  air-conditioning not (not necessary, in fact). B1 Group belongs to Seicento open/top!
                                        3 days                    7 days            Added day
Low Season                      110                        230                     32
High Season                      120                        250                     34


FIAT Punto
Comfort and charm!

The FIAT Punto combines comfort and beauty. The 4 (+1) doors, the air-condition, the electric windows, the central locking, etc., and certainly the 1248 cc engine, makes Punto a very special car, suitable for 5 passengers. Group C ,has the name "Punto"!
                                        3 days                    7 days            Added day
Low Season                       165                        305                   37
High Season                       180                        315                   40

Hyundai Accent
Could be a Limo!

Hyundai Accent: 1350 cc engine, 4 doors, 5 seats, air-conditioning, electric windows ,electric mirrors, power  steering, central locking, smooth drive, e.t.c. ... what does  a limo have more?? The Hyundai Accent, in Group D, is probably your most desirable  car for vacation! Same car is available in Group F, with automatic transmission.
                                        3 days                7 days            Added day
Low Season                      175                    325                    40
High Season                      185                    340                    43

Suzuki Jimny
"Jeep goes to town"

The Suzuki Jimny ,is the new 4wd jeep  model, in our fleet. It comes ,with power steering, central locking , and electric windows, but it is still , a 4X4, off-road car. Suitable for 4 adults (or 2 adults + 3 children). You can easily drive it ,and You will love it!
                                        3 days                7 days            Added day
Low Season                      185                     385                   52
High Season                     195                     400                    54

Fiat Doblo FAMILY
"Friends move together"

The Fiat Doblo Family a/c is a polymorphic car, with an engine of 1600cc, air conditioning,
central locking, power steering, electric windows & mirrors etc...moves your family with comfort. Suitable for 7 passengers is the solution for big families!
                                        3 days                7 days            Added day
Low Season                       225                    470                   65
High Season                      240                    495                   68